Bloomberg Singles Out Surfers

NYC mayor pleads for surfers to stay out of the Hurricane Sandy swell

On Saturday evening, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg weighed in on the temptation to surf the Hurricane Sandy swell during his national press conference and storm update for the city:

"Let me say something again and again and again: please, the beaches are dangerous and surfing is extremely dangerous. No surfing please tomorrow. You may want to run the risk, but if we have to send our emergency workers into the ocean to save you, their lives are at risk. And you just don't have a right to do that to somebody else. So please, tomorrow, I know the surfing looks attractive and there's more surfing done around here than ever before, but this is just much too dangerous a storm, and for a small amount of pleasure your live might be at danger, but certainly the emergency workers' lives will be in danger."

Looking back, it turned out to be sound advice from this public official. While high winds from the Frankenstorm sent peaking tropical waves to spots in Florida and Puerto Rico, the hurricane destroyed most everything in its path in the Northeast, where floods and power outages are still affecting millions of residents in New York and surrounding states. Learn how you can donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts here.

For better or for worse, this surfer didn’t heed the warning and scored glassy, muddy barrels in NYC:

For a wave like this to break in the Long Island Sound, the swell had to wrap all the way around the tip at Montauk. Photo: Basil Lynch