This weekend on May 4th and 5th, The Boardroom International Surfboard Show returns to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The surfboard fondle-fest showcases the work of various wave-riding crafters, from the hand shapers who do everything in-house to the high-volume industrious manufacturers.

Activities include laminating demonstrations and tricks of the trade, a demo where attendees can surf the boards on display, an auction, a shape-off, a tribute to this year’s Icon of Foam honoree Marc Andreini and much more.

Here’s more information about the upcoming Boardroom Show:

Celebrating its 11th year, its seventeenth iteration, the Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft) highlights the surfboard manufacturing industry. A gathering of like minded enthusiasts who are drawn by an authentic love for riding waves and the crafts that move us along those waves.
So much more than a tool, the surfboard is the philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth. This is why the surfboard builder was once the primary arbiter of surfing culture, from those early Hawaiian kahunas to the first wave of board manufactures. Think back: Hobie, Hansen, Bing, Weber, Larkin, Noll, Jacobs, Haut, et al. These surfboard builders shaped surf culture, both literally and figuratively. It was all about the ride–what you wore came second. Since 2007 THE BOARDROOM SHOW has reasserted and maintained this philosophy. To put the surfboard — and the modern day kahunas who craft and design them — back at the forefront of surf culture. Today the international surfboard building community places surf culture, its influence, its importance, its responsibility, back in the hands of the artisans who shape our sacred craft – and ultimately our future. Please join us as we showcase builders, designers, craftsman, surfboards, essential surf equipment, gear, art, music & more.
For more info on The Boardroom Show and the event’s itinerary, click here.

Photo courtesy of The Boardroom International Surfboard Show