Board Thefts Rise Alongside Surfing Popularity

As the popularity of surfing continues to skyrocket, thefts of surfing equipment and gear continues to climb as well. Every year thousands of boards are stolen, creating financial headaches and broken hearts for surfers everywhere. At the ASR trade show this weekend Gary Linden of Linden surfboards had a board stolen from his display, and in the past …Lost surfboards, Rusty surfboards, and plenty of other manufacturers have had to deal with theft at tradeshows as well.

Although there is nothing new about this phenomenon, there are several choices available for easy board security today. Surfboard locking systems are flying off shelves due to an increase in thefts, and an increasingly cynical surf culture. Rusty and …Lost purchased over 100 locking systems from DOCKsLOCKs, a product capable of locking multiple surfboards, to protect their boards at the ASR trade show this weekend. SIMA purchased DOCKsLOCKs to secure their displays at the annual Waterman's Ball, as did Surftech during the US Pro Longboard championships at Waikiki.

“In the 60’s there was a much more trusting environment In the surf community, but as surfing globalizes there continues to be a rising trend in thefts, explained Dock Hooks of DOCKsLOCKs a well known board security product. “One surf shop in Florida refused to carry my product because they sell 300 boards a year to people looking to replace a stolen board.” Jason ‘Haji’ Van Der Hoof, a team manager with Rusty, agrees that crime is a problem in the surf industry. “Last year we had a board stolen from the ASR tradeshow and so did …Lost,” explained Haji. “It’s unfortunate that people are looking for personal gain when we’re just trying to display a product. This year a board was stolen from the show and someone else got caught trying to steal a Surftech. We use DOCKsLOCKs to secure our boards and give us peace of mind. It’s much more cost effective than hiring a security guard.”

With products available, and a rising trend of crime, it's probably a good investment these days to protect your most sacred connection to the sea. It's unfortunate that it has come to this, but as crime climbs you can only avoid getting ripped off for so long. A little common sense goes a long way, and we as surfers these days have more options than ever to safeguard our beloved crafts.

A Few Products Available Today

DOCKsLOCKs– A durable stainless steel design that locks into your leash plug or finbox, and protects the board from dings with a hard nylon outer shell. Makes locking several boards easy as you can loop a lock through multiple products, and can be used on paddleboards and sailboards. Affordable price, and endorsement by Lost and Rusty, makes this a great buy.

Surflocks- Simple stainless steel design clips into your leash plug or finbox. Easy to use on a single board, and made of durable construction.

Gatekeeper Roof Racks- These locking roof racks secure the board by the rails on top of your car. User friendly roof rack design is great for security on the go. They also manufacture a cable locking system.

Lashlocks- This versatile lock can be used on a kayak, canoe, sailboard and surfboard. It utilizes a thin wire lock and pressure from the roof rack to keep your boards safe. Great for an outdoor enthusiast who does more than just surf.