Drenched in surf discovery and best known for his mystic travels from Rip Curl’s “The Search,” Ted Grambeau is an icon of the surf photography world. His latest 240-page coffee table book "Adventures in Light" is a lifelong project that encapsulates the depth, spirit and talent of over four decades behind the lens.

Versed in multiple areas of photography, Grambeau’s work in “Adventures in Light” reflects his wide spectrum of photographic skill-sets. For example, one second Grambeau takes a fly-on-the-wall approach to document heavies like Mick Fanning and Tom Curren in their natural settings during a boat trip. Then he’s able to switch into landscape aesthetics to give Indonesia a pure uncharted-waters appeal. Transitioning again, he settles into vibrant fine art portrait photography with a style that oozes effortlessness and simplicity. Grambeau is truly one of the masters of the  “do everything” look.

“The Search offered me a platform and a philosophy that was tailor-made to what I already believed in – show and don't tell. We were always at great pains to not reveal where we surfed, not to reveal places but to inspire people to go on their own search," says Grambeau.

Grambeau’s entourage isn’t too shabby either. His two decade tenure at Rip Curl his spanned generations of the brand’s team. He’s been a creative force for Rip Curl and has helped preserve their aesthetic, vibe and feel.

"To me, Ted is like the godfather of The Search. He's always been the guy who gets incredible shots, has great relationships with all the surfers and has blazed trails to so many new and amazing waves," three-time world champion Mick Fanning said. Fanning continued, "Ted's images are like a kaleidoscope of many of my favorite and most indelible memories and it's been a privilege to work with him.”

To find out more on Ted Grambeau’s "Adventures in Light" book, please head to his website here.