LOWERS PREVIEW Anticipation Builds for Boost Mobile

While The Boost Mobile Pro Presented by Hurley is always an exciting, corner-turning event in the Fantasy Surfer season, this year proves exceptionally thrilling as Fantasy Surfer proudly announces its partnership with ASP (The Association of Surfing Professionals).

"Basically the idea is that Fantasy Surfer allows you to care about every single heat, and it creates an opportunity for you to have fun following the ASP World Tour with your friends," comments Rick Irons, Publisher of SURFER Magazine. "All the smack talking and good-natured competition is classic, and we're excited to take it to the next level with ASP for years to come."

ASP President Brodie Carr agrees, "Fantasy Surfer is a great way for fans and insiders to get in on the competition firsthand…as if surfing heats wasn't stressful enough, now the surfers know they've got someone's Fantasy Team hinging on their performance. Talk about pressure! The game is a great way to get everyone more involved in every heat of ASP events."

Less than a week left to finalize your Fantasy Surfer teams before the event begins!

Even the surfer's feel the heat sometimes, says Irons. "I'll talk to Andy and he'll say guys will come up to him and tell him that he completely blew their Fantasy Surfer team with a poor result. At the same time, he says he'll get pats on the back when he performs."

The pressure has been turned up just a notch, and professional surfing has become a bit more important as fans can partake in all the fun on a more interactive level. So get in on the action, and use the preview as a resource in choosing your teams. Choose wisely; the year-end winner receives a free boat trip. Pick your teams now!

With the start of the 2007 Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley in just a week, the race for the world title will be about to hit it's crescendo. The next 3 or 4 WCT events are sure to be some of the toughest fought battles of the entire year.

Some surfers in contention for the world title like Damien Hobgood, have already used up their 2 "throw-away" results for the year, and the fact that he won’t be competing at Lowers this weekend (or possibly through Mundaka) solidifies his status in the mid tier. The rest of the pack needs this result as only the best 8 of 10 scores count for the final point tallies.

Other surfers like Andy Irons still have one event that they can use for a "throw-away" and can take advantage of the luxury of not having to do well in every event to keep their title hopes alive.

And then there's Mick Fanning. Without finishing outside of the semifinals in any event so far this year, Mick has officially put himself in the driver's seat to win this year's world title. And to make things tougher on his competitors, this is typically the time of year that Fanning begins to hit his stride. In 2006, he made the quarterfinals or better at every event in the second half of the year. At this point, Mick would need to seriously bomb out of a few events in order to be considered anything other than the favorite to win the world title.

With all these possibilities, the title chase will start to come into focus with the start of the Boost Mobile Pro. Fantasy Surfer breaks down the Favorites, The Pack, The Darkhorses, and The Longshots for the Boost Mobile Pro:


Kelly Slater – (Fantasy Surfer Value: $11,500,000)
In the past three years Slater has dominated Trestles. His recent result at the Billabong Pro J-Bay would indicate that the 8-time world champ has his head in the game and is focused on the race for #9. Keep in mind the intense media pressure that Slater receives during this event though. If he can keep his sponsor commitments and personal appearances to a minimum, he should easily be able to make the final here once again.

Mick Fanning – (Fantasy Surfer Value: $12,250,000)
– Trestles is a regularfoot's high-performance dream wave. Long rights spin down the point begging for surfers to belt them with everything they have. Basically, this wave was made for Mick. The quarterfinals are almost a given for him at this event, and a win here would come as a surprise to absolutely nobody.

Joel Parkinson – (Fantasy Surfer Value: $10,500,000)
Joel is the 2004 Boost Mobile champ, and grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia where he based his surfing on long, righthand pointbreaks. Barring injury or lack of swell, Parkinson will be surfing in the quarterfinals and beyond. He's a fairly safe choice at Trestles.


The three wildcard contenders, in order of consderation, are:

1. David Weare
2. Peterson Rosa
3. Shane Beschen

All three are capable of some weighty damage, and it will be interesting to see who is permitted entry.


Andy Irons – (Fantasy Surfer Value: $11,750,000)
While Andy has utterly dominated the competition at just about every venue on tour, Trestles remains somewhat of a mystery for him. The past few years, he has lost to wildcards and failed to make the quarterfinals just about every year. If he can manage to get past the wildcards at this year's event, (no east task considering this year's wildcards are Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds, and Jordy Smith), Andy has a decent shot at making up a little bit in the overall points. He needs a decent result here as he usually doesn't do so well at Mundaka or Brazil. The pressure could start to show by the end of this event.

Bede Durbidge – (Fantasy Surfer Value: $7,750,000)
Last year's event winner is a solid choice again for this year's event. With an improved focus, he has vaulted his way right into the world title chase. Another victory would go a long way towards his title chances. Durbidge is usually very consistent at high-performance waves like Trestles, and should be good for a 4th Round finish.