Maroubra and Malibu both start with the letter “M” and call the ocean their front door, but the similarities end there. Maroubra is a working class town that exemplifies the definition of grit. Malibu smells of new money where the long-lensed paparazzi outnumber surf photographers ten to one. Yet, on August 19 the two became sister cities as Koby Abberton and the Bra Boys swarmed upon Malibu’s Polaroid Beach House to celebrate the upcoming, much anticipated release of the documentary aptly titled, Bra Boys.

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The event, sponsored by Anheuser Busch, and presented by Berkela Films, was a chance for Hollywood tastemakers and celebrities to get up close and personal with the united brotherhood that is the Bra Boys. The day didn’t disappoint as the boys rubbed shoulders with the likes of actors Joy Bryant and Vilmer Walderama as well as a newly sleeved Sunny Garcia and Kaui legend Chava Greenlee, all while feasting on a five-star Aussie-themed barby. After a day of bronzing, eating and schmoozing, the shuttles loaded all attendees for a short hop over to the Malibu Theatre for a special screening of Bra Boys. How would a bunch of Hollywood types react to the Russell Crowe narrated film? With an overwhelming sea of emotion, hearts and souls were captured by this story of brotherhood that transcends culture and socio-economic bounds. I think Wilmer Valderama put it best, when he said to Koby, “Man, that was one of the most incredible, inspiring stories put to film I have ever seen! You guys are the real deal. The real f–kin deal.”