Brain Farm Digital Cinema progresses surf cinematography

February 18, 2010 – JACKSON, WY – Brain Farm Digital Cinema, a boutique production house, once again progresses action sports film production value to new levels. In 2008 Brain Farm raised the bar for action sports film quality and released the award-winning snowboard film “That’s It, That’s All.” Deemed the Planet Earth of snowboarding, “That’s It, That’s All.” wowed audiences around the world with its amazing cinematography. Brain Farm has now taken that production quality to the surf industry with their latest Phantom HD Gold camera work on Quiksilver’s Cypher Boardshort global web and TV ad campaign.

Brain Farm was contracted by Quiksilver to showcase their top surfers in the new Cypher Boardshort line. Quiksilver’s challenge was to do something with high production quality and to show surfing in a new and vibrant way. Brain Farm’s equipment arsenal includes the Phantom HD Gold high-speed camera system, which was perfect for showing surfing and water movement in a new manner. With no water housings on the market for the Phantom, Brain Farm undertook developing the first-ever untethered (not fastened by cables) water housing, which allowed them to get the unique slow motion surfing footage in the water.

“The Phantom is the best camera on the professional market right now for ultra slow motion footage at full HD resolution”, says president of Brain Farm, Curt Morgan. “We needed a way to get the Phantom in the water and no one had a water housing for it yet, so we did what it took to make the housing and give Quiksilver something completely unique.” “The Phantom is not an easy camera to operate and this made the engineering of the housing a real chore but the experiment worked out in the end”, said Curt Morgan. The results of the shoot were amazing and produced some one of a kind slow motion moving images for Quiksilver. Brain Farm also completed all postproduction on the ad spots as well. This included editing, motion graphics, sound design and custom sound scores for each piece. The commercial spots can be seen at,,, Fuel TV and on national networks.

About Brain Farm Digital Cinema
Brain Farm Digital Cinema is a turn-key boutique production house specializing in aerial cinematography and all stages of producing the highest end HD digital cinema for film, TV, web and commercial outlets. Brain Farm’s equipment package includes a Cineflex V14 gyro-stablized camera, Phantom HD Gold, Varicam 3700s, RED and a variety of unique camera support systems. Brain Farm’s studio is a full HD postproduction facility with Final Cut Pro edit bays, 7.1 surround sound viewing theater and a ProTools HD sound design studio.