Keep A Breast Foundation Blends Art and Music at the Hard Rock Hotel

“I Love Boobies.” Any enterprise with a tagline as widely agreed upon as this one is bound to triumph. And, as such, the Keep A Breast Foundation saw a hugely successful evening at their Breast of Both Worlds event on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego on Wednesday night.

From blocks away you could hear the musical pulse of Buckfast Superbee echoing down the otherwise quiet weekday streets. Inside, a sea of flannel and cocktail dresses swarmed around the upper deck, admiring paintings and watching as artists graffitied on surfboards and canvases to be sold for charity. On the other end of the expansive high-rise rooftop, fire pits provided ample room to lounge and multiple bars ensured attendees weren't thirsty—or unwilling to make a fool of themselves on the dance floor.

"The idea behind this event is trying to use art and music as the driving force to raise money for breast cancer awareness," says Kimmy McAtee of Keep A Breast, "and doing it in a way that is inviting and a positive environment. Making going out more than just a party night—making it something that resonates and makes you feel like your in a small way making a difference."

The event had over 600 people in attendance and raised over $1,500 in the raffle alone, along with profits from the sales of art pieces and donations. Over a dozen artists contributed their work to the cause including surfers Peter King, Matt Beacham, and Mike Losness, who donated both art and surfboards for auction. And it's all for a good cause: all proceeds from this event (as well as all the events Keep A Breast puts on) are used toward breast cancer awareness and research. Yet another reason to love boobies.

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