If you're an England-based non-profit organization dedicated to a cause that's probably not readily on the brain of the average English person, like, say, sewage pollution affecting surf breaks, your wildest fundraising fantasy would probably involve the Royal Fam one day asking the country to pitch in a few pounds to help your program.

That's exactly what happened to Cornwall's Surfers Against Sewage earlier this spring when Prince Harry and Megkan Markle married—you may remember the worldwide spectacle. In lieu of gifts, which, uh, people buy wedding gifts for the world's most fortunately-born rich people? Anyway, no gifts they said. Instead, the royal newlyweds asked people to donate to a few handpicked charities.

Surfers Against Sewage was on the list.

"We have never seen such a huge level of interest in all of our history," said Hugo Tagholm, SAS CEO in a tweet. “We’ve reached almost a billion people through the media, we’ve had a huge upturn in volunteering, in inquiries, in membership, in donations, so it’s been fantastic for Surfers Against Sewage.”

Seems strange, when you think about it, that a group famous for carting around inflatable turds and parading them in front of parliament offices to raise awareness of their cause would be handpicked as a fave charity by English royalty.

"A bolt from the blue," Tagholm said, just as shocked as you.

SAS has actually transitioned into being a force against plastic pollution. Likely, this is what caught Henry and Meghan's eye, not the giant fake turds, or the Beach Bums campaign from a few years back when SAS recruited surfers to swab their rectums to study bacterial pollution levels in the ocean.

So, if you forgot to get Harry and Meghan a gift, and are a little bummed they ain't registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, head over to SAS and plunk down a pound or two.