Weekend Brings Oahu's Westside Together

"Hurray for Melvin, hurray at last. Hurray for Melvin, he's a horse's ass. He's a horse's okole!" This was the old-school Hawaiian song that the contest emcees led the crowd with when waterman Melvin Pu'u came up to receive his 1st Place award during the awards ceremony at the 30th Annual Buffalo Big Board Classic at Makaha Beach. Like Buff's Big Board Classic, the singing for Mel was all in fun.

The fun concluded on Sunday, March 12, 2006, in 1-to-2-foot clean surf and sunny skies. Although many competitors on the final day were exhausted from the five days of competition or hung over from the five nights of camping, the overall mood was all aloha.

So much aloha, in fact, that many of the winners of the comp donated their winnings to people less fortunate. Like, Duane DeSoto who donated the surfboard that he won to the needy children of Oahu's Westside.

Marathon-man winner Brian Keaulana also gave away his $2,500 Beach Boy surfboard, shaped by Dave Parmenter, to one of his Japanese friends who came over for the contests.

Other than the surfboards being won and donated, the prizes also included ipu (Hawaiian gourds), lomi lomi (massage sticks), FCS board bags, bodyboards, Bullyboards by Wahoo, canoe paddles and tons of other surf industry merchandise was also given out.

Most of the usual Makaha locals took home goodie bags and victories, like the DeSoto and Keaulana families, but there were also many newly crowned winners.

While the awards ceremony wrapped up, 20 minutes down the road from Makaha Beach, 12 electrical poles fell due to high winds, forcing contest attendants to either sit in traffic, sit and wait at Makaha, or go to Buffalo's banquet after the contests.

So, while many people went to put on their finest aloha shirts for the banquet, the party was going at Makaha with many people firing up their grills and getting more ice and drinks for their cooler and the singing continued.