Buff's Big Board Classic is Just That

I wonder what everyone did before Buffalo Keaulana came up with his Big Board Classic event? That was 1977 and if you were to pick just one contest that covers so many different "styles" of surfing, this is the one. No monster checks for first place, but plenty of prizes and surfboards and the honor for getting to Second Sunday's finals. Long board, tandem, canoe surfing, body boarding, women's surfing, legends, "overseas", body surfing, Hawaiian paipo (traditional wooden body board design), even team competitions for most of the divisions. Hands down, Buff's Classic comes away as the ultimate community surf fest!

Since the Classic is a late season event, it's a bit of a crap shoot on wave size, but this winter's El Nino's still spitting out plenty of surf – albeit with some funky winds – and the Classic got its fare share to mix up the competitions. Plus, with all those bar-b-ques, tail gate coolers loaded with snacks the event comes away more like a four-day luau with good vibes and competition thrown in.

The Classic is an island treasure, one of Hawaii's best shared secrets – a lot like the man, himself, Buffalo Keaulana – who put the Classic on the surfing map.

Mahalo, Buff, we owe you, big time!

— Bernie Baker


1. Brian Keaulana/Kathy Terada 2. Mel Pu'u/Nani Kealoha

Bully Board
1. Melvin Keawe 2. Ikaika VanGieson 3. Rody Ragsdale

1. Masa Tsukamoto 2. Yuji Yoshikawa 3. Taku Araki

1. Ants Guerrero 2. Jesus Navarro 3. Tom Bionde

1. Moanakea Uemura 2. Tiare Thomas 3. Desiree DeSoto

250+ Pound Class
1. Bruce DeSoto 2. Mike Aiwahi 3. Allyn Hailey

Beach Boy
1. Bonga Perkins 2. Duane DeSoto 3. Brian Keaulana

Team Body Surf
1.Duane/Donald DeSoto 2. Brian Keaulana/Dave Parmenter

Team Body Board
1. Jimmy Keaulana/Tiare Lawrence 2. Brian/Ha'a Keaulana

Team Surfing
1. Buzzy Kerbox/Bonga Perkins 2. Kekoa Auwae/Lance Hookano

1. Jimmy Keaulana 2. Bonga Perkins 3. Duane DeSoto

Canoe Surfing
1. Team Quik 2. Stunts Unlimited 3. Team Hanainu 4.Show Me Da Money

Bully Board Tandem
1. Keoni Keaulana/Kuuipo Uemura 2. Shae/Jed Danon

Mens Open
1. Duane DeSoto 2. Kekoa Auwae 3. Bonga Perkins 4. Kamu Auwae