Legendary Big Wave Charger Charles “Buzzy” Trent Passes Away

Charles "Buzzy" Trent 1929-2006

Legendary big wave pioneer Buzzy Trent passed away on September 27, apparently of natural causes in his sleep.

Hailing from San Diego Trent began surfing Malibu at age 12 and became intensely passionate about the sport. Moving to Honolulu in 1953, Trent went on to become one of the early premiere big wave riders, attacking enormous Makaha and other Hawaiian big wave spots, influencing legions of big wave riders that came after him.

According to the Encyclopedia of Surfing Trent was the first to refer to a big wave surfboard as a "Gun" and coined the phrase often used by the surf media to this day that "Big waves aren't measured in feet, but in increments of fear."

The career lifeguard, fireman and construction worker quit surfing in 1976 because he "only enjoyed big waves" and felt that he had accomplished all that was possible at that time in the big wave arena.

Trent's status is cemented as one of the early big wave enthusiasts who paved the way for the next generations of big wave riders. The surfing world has incurred a great loss with his passing, and though he will be greatly missed, there is no doubt his legend will live on.