Bye Round 2; Hello Round 3

After spending grueling hours studying and taking intense notes on Innersection TV’s Summer Round, SURFER Magazine’s Intern Casey Butler, put together this fine list of standouts in Round 3. It’s no easy task to decide on who were the best, but Casey found a way and is bringing something new to the table.

Casey’s Round 3 Standouts

Something about the summer round of INNERSECTION feels… different. The openings are simple, the endings are sometimes non-existent, and there's a decided absence of quirk. After some initial disappointment, I decided this is not a bad thing. This round is just more cut and dry. It's not gimmicky –with the exception of Ozzy's unicorn, but who doesn't like unicorns? It's straightforward. It's surfing, and the talent is clearly on display for us to judge–no distractions.

5. Ozzy Wright. The dramatic black and white, magical horned horse, and kazoo playing definitely showed us Ozzy's personality and filled the previously mentioned quirk void. These flourishes are fun, but Wright-Wrong's stylish cruising and soaring airs are the real entertainment in this section.

4. Ry Craike. Oh, how I wish this section did not begin with sappy wax footage. Beyond that, though, Ry pulls some massive floaters and incredibly mighty cutbacks, not to mention he wedges himself into some great barrels. The cinematography itself is, at times, quite gorgeous, and while there are some quick scene setters, the excess is kept to a minimum. No naked ladies floating around here. What a relief, right?

3. John John Florence. John John's video is high-energy, high-quality, and does a really amazing job of showing us John John's breadth of skill. Including skateboarding was an interesting choice that works. The ramps are woven in with an awesome variety of waves–some really heavy and/or gnarly.

2. Pat Gudauskas. Some may call it cheesy, but I like the pins in the map concept. love that the section begins at Mavericks. I didn't even know Pat G surfed Mavericks. He manhandles the waves of Mavs, Indo, and SoCal with equal [immaculate] control.The editing is sharp and the Bastard Lovechild of Rock N' Roll (music) is a top-choice accompaniment to Pat's mental airs.

1. Josh Kerr. Josh Kerr has style and grace, but even more importantly: he is fun to watch. That first ride, where he's expertly navigating an insanely crowded wave, perfectly illustrates his dexterity and strength. My favorite shots are the tightly framed barrels, but his boosts are sufficiently impressive as well. Oh, and that purple board? So good.