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California is home to one of the nation's most beautiful and surf-friendly coasts and stunning snow-covered mountain ranges. From the towering peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the redwood-lined shores of the north to the user-friendly mountains palm tree-framed beaches in the south, it's a wonderland of surf and snow opportunities. With enough planning, you can easily pull off a "twofer" – surf in the morning, ski or snowboard that afternoon.

Here's a guide to four of our favorite twofers the Golden State has to offer.

Whether or not you find ramps in Huntington in the morning, Mountain High always provides. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

Huntington Beach to Mountain High

Twofers don't get much easier than this. Huntington Beach, is smack dab in the middle of the Los Angeles/Orange County megaplex and easy to reach from any direction. And it's only 90 miles to Mountain High, with no twisty mountain roads to slow you down — get lucky with the traffic and it will take less than an hour-and-a-half. Read more …

Keanu Asing knows that Lowers isn’t the only break holding A-plus surf in San Clemente. Here, he arcs just up the beach at Uppers. Photo by Grant Ellis

San Clemente to Bear Mountain

If your head is turned by only the most electric, high-flying, cutting-edge performance in the water and on the snow, this twofer between San Clemente and Bear Mountain will have your head spinning. It's only a bit over one hundred miles and two hours from Southern California's best performance wave, Lower Trestles, to the lift lines at Bear Mountain. Just enough time to refresh and reload on your way from the sunny surf to the frozen turf. Read more …

On a good powder day, Mount Baldy offers as much opportunity to throw spray as any Malibu break. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

Santa Monica to Mount Baldy

The history lover's twofer, this trip takes you from Santa Monica to Mount Baldy — a storied surfside playground to an iconic mountain that helped kick off the southland's obsession with snow sports. Nearly 50 years ago, the breaks around Santa Monica, including the legendary Venice Beach, helped give rise to the rebellious surf culture we know and love. Before that, way back in the 1940s, skiers first began tackling the slopes of Baldy, tucked into the subpeaks of towering Mt San Antonio to the west. Read now …

Luke Davis on a black-diamond run at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo by Chachi

Ocean Beach to Boreal Mountain Resort

This black diamond twofer is a true California wilderness experience, taking you from San Francisco's rugged Pacific coast to the top of Donner Pass near Truckee. Carve up mountain-sized waves at dawn before hitting the road to carve up actual mountains at the OG snowboarding mecca of Boreal. If the waves are pumping and you opt for a longer morning surf session, fear not, even latecomers can get in plenty of runs since Boreal offers some of the state's best night riding under the lights. Read more …