On the heels of proclaiming surfing the official state sport of California, the state has also decreed that September 20, from 2018 until the day the earth makes its final plunge into the molten hot center of the sun, will be “California Surfing Day.”

Here’s the important chunk of text from the bill that passed the state legislature earlier this year:

“This measure would recognize September 20, 2018, and every year on that date thereafter, as California Surfing Day to celebrate the California surfing lifestyle, would commend all those who honor the history, culture, and future of surfing, as well as the sport of surfing and the protection of our beach and ocean environments, would express support for future surfers and encourage potential surfing Olympians to work diligently, and would encourage all Californians to enjoy California Surfing Day."

I think there’s a strong case to be made in there somewhere that we have the legal right to miss work, school, court dates—void all responsibility for the day, really—as long as we actually surf, or, in our own way, honor the history and the culture of surfing.

The idea came from the International Surf Museum down there in Surf City, USA (though California first, obviously), Huntington Beach. But Lemoore knows it has the surf world spotlight right now, prompting the state senator from Lemoore to declare: “I could not be more supportive of this because we have the best waves in the world.”

Ha Ha Ha. Ha.

So what will you do to honor the culture and history of surfing? Will you do your duty and remove the shackles of responsibility to do as our forefathers would have wanted? Turn your back on landlubbing society? Prob depends on the south that’s supposed to fill in. Anyway, your move East Coast.