Celebrities Dive in at Oakley’s Learn to Ride

Stars Show That Anybody Can Jump In And Start Surfing

While surf skills aren't part of their repertoires and probably never will be, celebrities like Lo Bosworth, Joel Madden, and Mario Lopez dove in and gave it a try during Oakley's Learn to Ride surfing program in Santa Barbara. Pro surfers Layne Beachley, Tommy Whitaker, Karina Petroni, and Sage Erickson gave the stars lessons at Faria Beach on June 12-14.

“I had such a great experience at the Oakley 'Learn to Ride'" said Tommy Whittaker, Oakley Athlete. "I think I am going to quit the WCT, move to California and join the Oakley Marketing team.”

The purpose of the event was to show that anybody could jump in and try surfing – especially when a team of pro surfers is there to help. Alternative Marketing Mangaer Jeremy McCassy said the program "has been an incredible bridge for Oakley to integrate their incredible athlete roster with key celebrities in a way that is authentic and organic to the brand. Everyone that came are now friends, and most are hooked on surfing for life.”

Celebrity participants included Adrian Grenier, Ashley Greene, Mario Lopez, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Lo Bosworth, Eric Mabius, Estella Warren, Suzie Castillo, and Brian Van Holt.

Mario Lopez twittered about the event: "Oakley pro surfer instructors are really cool and helpful… Peeing in ur wetsuit was helpful in that cold ocean too! Great tip…" He may not have mastered surfing in a day, but he learned something about oceanic adventures.

Lo Bosworth also posted a tweet about the experience: "I attempted to surf..the result? WIPEOUTTT".