Rob Gilley

Previously in denial about his photographic past, Rob Gilley now rummages through his trove of mediocrity.

"I'd rather sleep here than a 5-star hotel".

Regardless of truth, that's the kind of thing you say when you're camping next to the ocean. The friends, the stories, the fire…everything seems so right. The real world fades away like a glowing ember drifting into the night sky.

Then, in the middle of the night, triggered by a full bladder, reality comes flooding back…what's tomorrow? Tuesday? Holy crap—my blog is due. Damn it, it's not even close to being finished.

What to do…what to do?

Then, at dawn, a gift—I walk over to the bluff just in time to see a longboarder catch a nice little left: a fade, a stall, a crouched five.

That's it—that's my answer. Stall my originally intended essay by posting five photos as an impromptu continuation to "My Ten Favorite Photos" feature. My editors will never know. Hell, I might as well really milk it, make it a two-part entry, and perch ten all the way through next week.

Orange County. Photo: Gilley

Sean Briley, Log Cabins. Photo: Gilley

Off The Wall. Photo: Gilley

Joe Curren, Scotland. Photo: Gilley

Brian Pacheco, West Side. Photo: Gilley