CHRIS WARD ARRESTED: Charged with Assault with Weapon Other Than Firearm

According to the Mammoth County Police Department, last year’s world number 17 surfer, Chris Ward, was arrested outside of the Whiskey Creek Bar on January 7 in Mammoth, CA on charges of “assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm” after an alleged altercation with three women turned into a full-scale fight. The event in question occurred around 2 a.m. as the bar was shutting down. According to Whiskey Creek's bar manager, Jake Wallace, the event was “really disturbing.” Wallace followed by stating, “I’ve seen a lot fights working here, but nothing like this.”

Ward strongly denies the allegations. According to Ward, “This whole event has gotten out of hand. I’ve never hit a woman. I was jumped by a bunch of people, and this has become a big misunderstanding. I should be the one pressing charges.”

The women involved in the altercation have not been available for comment.

Stay tuned to as more information becomes available.