SURFER'S Clark "Turbo" Little Charms the Country on Good Morning America

Clark Little has been prowling the danger zones of the Ke Iki and Waimea shorebreaks with his camera for only a couple of years now. What started as a way to put something on the walls of his Pupukea Heights home – and also to satisfy his psycho-sexual fetish for nasty shorebreak – has blown up into a full time job for Clark, and a growing sensation.

On Monday, March 1 Clark appeared on ABC's Good Morning America to talk story about what he does, and how he does it. Clark and David Liu flew into New York City as all hell was breaking loose with the weather and Manhattan looked like the Ice Planet Toth.

But anyone who has grown up surfing Waimea shorebreak and then shooting it with a camera can handle a little chaos.

Surfer texted with Clark on the cusp between Monday and Tuesday, when Clark flew back to Hawaii.

Cold enough for you?

Is this your first time in New York City?
You better believe it and it was an awesome experience. It was nuts.

Is this the first time you saw snow?
No, but it was the first time I was in a city with snow flying all over. And it was f$%^$ freezing.

Woke up way early to watch Good Morning America – like 7:00 AM. But it was worth it. They needed some happiness and light amid all the bad news and bad weather. Matt Lauer called you 'handsome: was he trying to hook up?

I hope not… lol

Did you get to say everything you wanted to say? It seemed a little rushed.

I was stoked to be there and share my experiences with everyone and just honored to be on the show.

Did they shoot stuff they didn’t use? I see photos of you sitting on the sofa with just another guy. And I don't think I saw that on the show?

All live, no editing which was the good part and I pulled it off. Very very happy it went well and GMA was stoked as well.

You handed your housing to one of the hosts and she pulled the trigger and fired off like 20 shots. Did she get anything good?

She took a shit load and I will try and dig them up if you want them.

How did this come about? Who connected you with GMA?

I sent a writer/news media person in the UK a couple dozen of my best images. And it went all over the UK and newspapers and that's when The Today show, Inside Edition and Good Morning America contacted me.

You might not remember this but back in 1990 when that brother of yours went kamikaze on that monster at the Eddie, Surfer printed a poster with the title: How Big Can Little Go? Now I ask the same of Clark Little Photography.

It's been going very well and I had to hire a full-time assistant. Also, the web hits are in the millions now, which is insane. We sell them on the web worldwide and then in selected galleries around Hawaii and expanding worldwide.

I told you this would happen when you got started. Didn't I tell you?

You told me.

A surf photographer actually making a living from photography. You should be on 60 minutes or some natural phenomenon show.

I am as surprised as anyone.

You are doing something that has been done a million times but there is just something different about what you do. It's art. It's beautiful. It's unusual. And I figured New York would pick up on it eventually.

You told me.

You seemed pretty comfortable considering there were a gazillion people watching.

It was a rush, like shooting Ke Iki.

And you didn't bust out any pidgin which probably made your mom very proud.


On the show you stuck to your story that you started shooting the shorebreak because your wife wanted photos for your house.

That's the story.

Diane Sawyer: What's she like?

Super cool and happy.

Describe the process of going from your hotel to the set to waiting to going on camera. How did they prep you?

First of all, someone met us at the hotel and walked us to the studio. They took us to the Green Room and hooked us up with all the food and coffee we wanted.

Like you needed caffeine.

Then they did the make up thing, then no prepping and then I sat on the couch with the four anchors and got busy.

Did you bring chocolate covered macadamia nuts for everyone?

Naw, but we went to GMA with 30 gift bags for all their staff and crew. And this included a 8X10 Clark Little Photography photo, Clark Little Photography post cards, Charmaines Mo Bettah chocolate chip mac cookies, all in a recycled MuuMuu Heaven Hawaiian print bag. And the gift bags were a huge hit with all as we represented Hawaii.

Your heart soars with aloha.

Just want to thank all my friends and family because if it wasn't for them I would not be were I am today. I am very grateful for all.