Remember last summer when juvenile great white sharks were hanging out en masse off Southern California beaches? Or the miracle of Leeanne Ericson’s survival and recovery after being attacked by a great white at Church in San Onofre? It seemed like everyday more drone footage was released of the sharks lurking close to ignorant beach goers.

Legendary surfer Ian “Kanga” Cairns is proposing a buoy system equipped with sonar that would detect the predators and send a real time alert of their presence. The system is called “Clever Buoy” and is the latest invention from Smart Marine Systems Ltd (SMS). A crowdfunding campaign to get a functioning Clever Buoy installed at Corona Del Mar, the site of a 2016 serious but non-fatal shark attack, is underway.

How would Clever Buoy be able to tell the difference between a common dolphin and a juvenile great white of similar size? From Clever Buoy’s crowdfunding site:

The system creates a "virtual net" at the deployment locations and once an object is detected in the area, the software interrogates the target's swimming pattern to determine the type of object and potential species.

Clever Buoy also states that it is compliant with California’s strict environmental regulations.

Find out more about Clever Buoy here.