Pro Surfer Paddles Out On Cloudy Day

NOVEMBER 22, 2002 (NEWPORT, CA) — In a move that shocked both friends and sponsors, Jeff Danner, 23, a local professional surfer, paddled out on a cloudy day. According to onlookers, Danner surfed 56th Street for nearly an hour on the afternoon of November 14. Weather records confirm the afternoon in question was overcast, with no blue sky visible.

Danner is known throughout the surf industry as a “photo pro.” Forgoing competition and video, Danner concentrates exclusively on still photographs, often working with veteran photographer Mitch Moore. Danner is often seen surfing throughout Orange County on sunny, front lit mornings. Images of his fins-free top turns on shoulder-high rights have been featured in the two major surfing magazines, Surfing and Surfer. In addition, Danner is usually featured in spread ads for his primary sponsor, YeahGuy Clothing. Industry insiders estimate that Danner has not surfed on a cloudy day in at least 5 years.