Short Answers To Random Questions With The WQS Leader

Coco Ho's Take On The Biggest Circus in Surfing

Coco Ho is not only the 2008 U.S. Open runner-up, but she's also currently tied with Carissa Moore at the top of the WQS rankings. Needless to say, for Coco, this event is a big deal. Although she's undoubtedly focused on preparing for the 6-star, the self-proclaimed "social butterfly" is never one to be all business, all the time--you know that when she’s involved, hilarity is bound to ensue. Coco gives us her take on the biggest circus in surfing, and tells us who's hot, what's not, and which surfer she hopes to run into at a U.S. Open party.

Favorite thing about the U.S. Open: The socializing.

Least favorite thing about the U.S. Open: The parking.

Weirdest sight you've seen at the event: The Volcom guys dressed as monkeys and a banana running across the beach during my Final last year with a "GO COCO" sign.

Going to bed early or staying up late? Bed early, always.

Hanging with the boys or cruising with the girls? BOTH--I'm a social butterfly.

Starbucks or Jamba Juice? Starbucks!

Slippers (or "sandals," as Mainlanders call them) or shoes? Slippers, duhhh.

Favorite U.S. Open meal: I like the muffins and chai at HSS.

Hottest guy in the event: Julian Wilson.

Hottest girl in the event: Ewww.

Who you look forward to seeing at a U.S. Open party? Carissa Moore, hammered.

Best non-surfing part of the U.S. Open: Gossiping.

Spending the day at the contest or holing up at the hotel? Hmm, 50/50. Hanging at the contest isn't all that bad. I managed to nap in between heats last year perfectly fine.

Freesurf between heats or headphones/Powerbars/watch heats in the shade? I try to balance out both. I love Northside though!

Take out Carissa or take out Malia (in a heat)? Malia! She got me where it hurt last year.

The surf in Huntington: Love it or hate it? Love it. Dad's formulated it to be a pretty special place through the years.

High-tide mush or low-tide closeouts? Low tide.

Get a perfect 10 on a wave or win the event? Win the event--yes, please!

Finish Top 10 on the World Tour or win the WQS? I'd like to win the QS I guess, it seems like a bigger accomplishment than No. 10 on the World Tour. And that way I'd requalify and get to try Top 10 again and not do the 'QS next year. That would be real nice!