With all the recent attention towards my interference call during the Reef Hawaiian Pro I wish to express my thoughts towards the situation.

I’ve been extremely humbled by this entire situation. My action was based on the fact that I was desperate for a wave and made a spontaneous decision motivated by competition rather than deliberate intent.

I feel very badly about this incident, especially since it involved Layne who I hold in such high regard and who has done so much for women’s surfing. I’ve reached out to her to offer an apology, I know it doesn’t mean too much but it is genuine.

I am stoked that the ASP did not just go by the rumors and the press, but worked with me and my coach and my family to make sure I got to apologize and use this as a learning tool. I have learned a lot from this experience and come out of this with a greater understanding about the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. I look forward to moving past this and to become the best representative I can be of the true nature of surfing. In the time to come as a professional surfer I want to do everyone proud – my family, sponsors, friends and supporters, Hawai’i and the sport.
Coco Ho