Nat Young and his hometown of Santa Cruz are both gracious hosts so far at the 2012 Coldwater Classic. Photo: Glaser

The 2012 ASP World Title will be decided at Pipe. Being the top-ranked surfer in the world trumps a home-field advantage as Parko holds off Nat Young in Round 3, while Dusty Payne's Hail Mary inverted air wasn't good enough to get the 9.34 he needed to upset Kelly. With No. 1 and No. 2 still in the contest, no champ will be crowned until December on the North Shore. What more could we ask for?

Goofyfooters have the upper hand at Steamer Lane. Wilko, Owen Wright, Damien and C.J. Hobgood, Ace Buchan, Travis Logie, and Gabriel Medina were all winners on Day 2—their backhand attacks well-suited to the head-high walls on hand today. On a Tour that tends to favor the regular-footed, the right at the Lane might represent a long-term addition to the schedule that actually favors the goofies.

Upsets everywhere. Round 2 saw the early exits of Mick Fanning, John Florence, Julian Wilson, Josh Kerr, and Miguel Pupo, all huge upsets, in that order. This leaves a field of unusual suspects with nothing to lose in the third round and beyond, and simplifies the whole world title conversation to a man-on-man discussion.

Claims won't go away, neither will tantrums. Tempers were high, in the water and at the competitors' tent. Regardless of nationalities, we saw more chest thumping, arm raising, board throwing theatrics than we needed to. It could be the arena, the hype and the crowds and the cliffs, or maybe the judging. Or it could be something way different, like the athletes.

Santa Cruz loves itself some surfing. 80-degree weather, a light breeze, and a perfect cliff-side amphitheater setup were a few reasons to get excited. Another was one perfectly-timed NW swell. Family, friends, wives, girlfriends, and anybody who is anybody in the Santa Cruz surf scene showed up and Instagrammed every moment of the Coldwater Classic today. Hometown supporters turned out in droves for Ratboy and Nat Young; this town is embracing the spotlight of the ASP World Tour.

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Round 2 Results
Kelly Slater def. Jason Collins
Jadson Andre def. Mick Fanning
Matt Wilkinson def. John John Florence
Adriano de Souza def. Adam Melling
Raoni Monteiro def. Julian Wilson
Owen Wright def. Tiago Pires
Damien Hobgood def. Josh Kerr
Jeremy Flores def. Kolohe Andino
Adrian Buchan def. Kieren Perrow
CJ Hobgood def. Heitor Alves
Alejo Muniz def. Miguel Pupo
Bede Durbidge def. Brett Simpson

Round 3 Results
Taj Burrow def. Jadson Andre
Travis Logie def. Adrian Buchan
Gabriel Medina def. Taylor Knox
Raoni Monteiro def. Jordy Smith
Alejo Muniz def. Bede Durbidge
Joel Parkinson def. Nat Young
Kelly Slater def. Dusty Payne
Michel Bourez def. Kai Otton