Collect All Four Covers of SURFER’S Brand New Big Issue

Limited-Edition Cover Series Celebrates The Icons

The August 2009 Big Issue of SURFER is done and on its way to newsstands now. This year our theme is the 50 Greatest Surfers of All Time, chosen by an elite panel of legendary surfers from around the world.

To really celebrate the icons whose performances have inspired their peers since the first surf photo was snapped, we did a special limited-edition cover series featuring four different images of legends who have made huge statements in the water throughout the ages--from a modern-classic Slater barrel in Tahiti, to Curren in his prime at the OP Pro, to Rabbit at Off The Wall in the “Free Ride” era, all the way back to Tom Blake surfing stylishly at Hermosa Beach in 1939.

If each cover’s unique place in surf history isn’t incentive enough to collect them all, send us a photo of yourself with all four covers and you’ll be eligible to win a top-secret prize pack straight from the SURFER vault.

Forget about choosing a book to read on the beach this summer, the 300+ page Big Issue is all you'll need.

--SURFER Editors

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