One year ago, Kelly Slater teamed up with Group Efforts and Alek Parker to create Continuance, a documentary series following Slater on tour through 2017. While the reality-driven series was ultimately cut short by a couple of episodes last year after Slater broke his foot during a freesurf at J-Bay, it’ll be back again in 2018 — following Slater as he gives the Championship Tour and a 12th world title (at least) one more solid crack.

Yesterday we took a behind-the-scenes peek at Episode 1 (which you can view here), which followed Slater around throughout the first event of the 2017 season. Today we pull back the curtain on some of the highlights (and frustrating/painful moments) of Slater’s time at J-Bay.

[Above and below] Three kings.

In Round 1, Slater looked the best he’d looked since Snapper. Had he not been injured, it’s hard to imagine him not making at least the Final.

This photo was taken moments before his injury. After a long morning session at firing Supertubes, Slater paddled back out at Boneyards (the section of reef at the top of J-Bay) to catch “one more” before the contest started. That wave—an unsuccessful tube—would end up breaking his foot in three places.

In this moment, what do you think was more painful for Slater: His foot, or the as-good-as-it-gets J-Bay forecast?

Put that phone down! Errr, on second thought…..

[Above and below] Despite his broken foot, Slater hung around the contest to finish the second episode of Continuance, and hang with the local contingent of South African surfers who’ve supported him these past 25 years.