One year ago, Kelly Slater teamed up with Group Efforts and Alek Parker to create Continuance, a documentary series following Slater on tour through the 2017 season. While the reality-driven series was ultimately cut short by a couple of episodes last year after Slater broke his foot during a freesurf at J-Bay, it’ll be back again in 2018 — following Slater as he gives the Championship Tour and a 12th world title (at least) one more solid crack.

“I’m really excited about the third episode,” Parker told us in an interview at the end of last year. “It’s so interesting from a documentary perspective, the story of him overcoming this injury, and the unknown of what’s gonna happen next. It actually gives us a really good opportunity, without distraction, to get deeper into who Kelly is as a person, which has been the goal the whole time.”

Sure, there’s been a hiatus between episodes, but, like Slater says in episode 1: “Continuance isn’t a beginning or an end, it’s just somewhere along your path.”

While we await the continuance of Continuance, have a look back at snapshots from Episode 1 at Snapper below, captured by staff photographer Todd Glaser.

For Slater, his 25-plus-year career has been, quite literally, a blur. But Continuance adds a little clarity, a way to remember the different people, places, moods, and mindsets that make up Slater’s year.
At 46 years old, Slater will (once again) leap off the rock at Snapper in March, hoping for a strong result to start his year and set himself up for unprecedented 12th world title run.
The last time Slater won at Snapper was in 2011, when he’d go on to win the World Title. Can he still win in high-performance surf against the likes of Florence, Medina and co? We shall see.
What’s more annoying: A request for an autograph, or a selfie? As the oldest surfer on tour, Slater could answer that.
[Above and below] Slater was in form at Snapper in 2017, only losing to an on-fire Gabriel Medina on the final wave of their quarterfinal heat.
Waiting for the score.
Slater, working on his equipment for Snapper with Daniel “Tomo” Thompson before the start of last year. While Slater has arrived in Australia with questionable equipment at times in the past (once choosing to ride an awkward-looking roundnose 5’3″ CI in the comp), last year he looked as sharp as ever on his quiver of Tomo-shaped Slater Designs.
Fingers crossed the start of the 2017 Championship Tour looks something like this.