The Cosmic Returns to Creek

Dust off the single-fin and scrape the wax off the bottom of your favorite twinnie, it's time once again for the Cosmic Creek Challenge. The grooviest event to hit the sands of Southern California all summer long, the Cosmic Creek Challenge takes place on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th. "It's not so much of a 'retro' contest," describes event brainchild Eric Diamond, "but a weekend to come together and celebrate the roots of surf culture."

Inspired by both Flippy Hoffman and Donavon Frankenreiter's immense board collections, for seven years running now the Cosmic Creek Challenge has been going strong. Drawing not only ample local support, the Challenge has also caught the eye of many a surf celebrity, including past finalists Kelly Slater, Donavon (of course), Pat O'Connell, Buttons Kaluhiokalani and Jeff Hakman. And this year looks just as impressive with Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, Daniel Thomson, Buzzy Kerbox and Shaun Tomson trying to get their hands on entry forms. While it's a weekend he'd prefer not to miss, Donavon's going to be down in Australia promoting his new album, Move By Yourself, so he's not going to be the factor that he's been every year prior. But coincidentally, like-minded Aussie Dave Rastovich is going to be on this side of the pond and will surely fill Donavon's huarache sandals.

While heats will be running all weekend long, when the sun sets on Saturday night Rastovich, as well as skater-turned-musician Ray Barbee and Rolling Stone cover band Sticky Fingers, will all be looking for satisfaction on stage at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. "You should have seen the list of instruments Rasta sent us," reports a bewildered Diamond. "Congas, bongos, tambas, tom-toms, cow bells; we had to go digging. But it should be cool, he shows kind of Greenough-like film clips and plays along with it." If that's not groovy enough for you, that night a trailer for Hydrodynamica, Richard Kenvin's ode to Bob Simmons, will also be debuting. It's sure to be a regular old-fashioned freak-out.

Stay tuned to as details unfold. For more contest information and entry forms e-mail or call 949-489-8380. For Coach House tickets call 949-496-8930. Space is extremely limited so stop tripping on that lava lamp and get on the horn.