Crab Island Potentially No More

By Alex Haro

The usual surf-getaway to the tropics is more times than not marred by masses of people all trying to catch their dream wave. Ireland is quickly becoming a destination for many traveling surfers, due to its low crowd level and captivating scenery.

Although Crab Island is one of the area's premier breaks, it is often over looked in favor of the near perfect waves at Donegal, Aileens and Rileys. But Crab Island plays host to a number of waves, the most notable of them all being Doolin Point – a right that reels down the line in front of a classic Irish setting: rolling fields and the rugged, massive granite walls of Moher Cliffs. These elements come together to make  it one of the most visually stunning places to surf on earth.

In a plan reminiscent of Chile's Arica break wall, the council of Clare County has put forth a proposal for a pier dedicated to the area's passenger ferries. Unfortunately, the pier will force surfers to paddle directly across the path of the ferries, posing an obvious hazard. In addition to the dangers the ferries create, the pier would create a backwash that would destroy Doolins and be severely exposed to the winter storms that batter Ireland's coast.

The placement of the pier has caused a serious bone of contention with local surfers, who say they haven't been consulted about the proposed project. Ireland's West Coast Surf Club has constructed a website with a petition they plan on showing the council early next month–underlining the fact that the waves of Crab Island aren't only coveted by the locals, but internationally as well.