Creatures Devise New Leash Swivel

12 months development and 25 years experience in making leashes has gone into the new “Bearing Swivel Leash System” (patent pending) – a revolution in leash design.

The bearing swivel system is an industry first and unlike all other leash swivels actually lubricates itself as it spins. The stainless steel and Co-polymer plastic construction makes the component practically unbreakable and importantly resistant to corrosion. The result is the fastest and most free spinning leash swivel system available today and welcome news to surfers who know all too well the problems associated with jammed swivels and tangled leashes.

Major improvements have also been made to the intrinsic strength of the new leashes. Factory stretch tests demonstrate the new leases stretches 5 times its original length before breaking.

Other improvements also include a more padded and comfortable ankle strap, rubber logo, and a new universal stress release joint.

The new range includes the Bearing System on all leashes and now includes the addition of Double Swivel on the UltraLite, and Waimea The new range also includes a totally new leash The Teahupoo designed to fit between the Reef 2 and Waimea for 8 to 10′ Surf.

Creatures of Leisure are imported and distributed by Oz-Surf International, call (toll free) 1 866 4 Oz-Surf for a 2003 Catalog or your nearest Dealer.