A Curation: The Marine Layer Archive

The best five clips from Dane Reynolds' Vimeo bomb

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, for the day of all days has come. All of the clips from Dane Reynold’s Marine Layer Productions now live in perpetuity and for absolute gratis on Vimeo. A couple years back Dane’s crew refreshed the Marine Layer site, and in so doing, sadly relegated many of the best old clips—I’m talking the 2010 vintage—to the dust bin of Internet history. But now, they’re back, and old and new are all cozied up in one tidy, easyscrolling package. We’re talking 160+ vids here people, included the full-length Loaded. So I’ve curated a list of the finest, choicest, prime cuts of Marine Layer’s offerings. They’re here in reverse order from No. 5 – No. 1. Feel free to (wrongly) argue with these selections in the comments.

#5 “This is Me”
A newish slice, this clip surfaced sometime last year, and is a bit of a mixed bag: Dane schralping in super fun Ventura-area action, then getting extra Dane-y in Hawaiian juice. Some heavy Haleiwa action pairs nicely with notes of Rocky Point finesse, chased with a palate cleanser back in clean, green, California. You’ll be rocking to the Beat Happening’s “I Love You.”

#4 “Materialized”
While we’re on the subject of Dane in Hawaii, let’s talk about “Materialized.” First, “The Turn” is in it. You know, the Haleiwa kneebuckler that you brought your non-surfing family members into the room to watch on repeat over and over again. And, plenty of footage of Dane getting smoked by big shutdown sets at Pipe. Who doesn’t love that? Dane doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his North Shore approach, but there are few places where his power game can sing the way it can on the Seven Mile Miracle. Lionel Richie’s “Hello” will be keeping your ears company.

#3 “Le Dismounts et Pierre”
Ah, now we’re getting into the deep cuts. This is the kind of clip that made Marine Layer the best vlog in surf. Dane maliciously tearing open imperfectly fun wedges at the butt end of C-Street that look like the kind of wave you’d be stoked to luck into after work. It doesn’t even matter that he falls on what seems like 90 percent of his turns. I don’t even know what he’s trying to do anyway. “Psychedelic Ranger” by The Clean will perplex you throughout the clip.

#2 “Emma Wood is Killing Me”
If you aren’t already familiar with this clip, which would be sad, by the way, you’ll want to skip ahead to about the 1:58 mark. I’m not sure if any of those waves were even makeable, but Dane still ends up having the most fun session in surfing history. Trust me, I did research. That weird catchy tune is “Credit” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.

#1 “O Outro Portugal”

It’s just skinny, First Chapter-era, pre-self aware Dane, before he became Dane Reynolds®, going nutso in Portugal. His surfing is oddly more composed back then, before he really grew into his power. But those ginormous whitewater rebounds he’s pulling off on booming eight-foot walls at whatever that majestic righthander is called were a glimpse of the future. I challenge you not to make grunting, animal noises during the turn at the 1:21 mark. By the time this clip hit Marine Layer, in the site’s early days, he was already the shaggy, disinterested “best surfer in the world,” so this clip was a refreshing, and massive froth-inducing reminder of his early days. Your new favorite song: Pavement’s “Shoot the Singer,” is probably half the reason this clip kicks the ass that it does.