Cutting back

A glimpse into SURFER's time-capsule

SPRING 1962 VOL. 3 NO.1

On the Cover:
Ricky Grigg, Pipeline. Photo: John Severson

Iconic Moments
Bonzai Pipeline

“After gasping and ahhhhing for five to ten minutes, we began to notice that almost every wave was curling from exactly the same point. It was decided that a closer look was necessary, with Willingham, Lanning, and Swan volunteering for duty.”

“Ricky Grigg had heard all the tales of the first day at Pipeline, and even though Banzai was much bigger this day, he decided to attempt it, alone. The waves were breaking about a quarter of a mile outside, with the same thunderous shorebreak collapsing on the inside reef.”


Sing-A-Long with The Surfer

Best Song
San Onofre, Don’t We Love Thee
(Sung to the tune of “Little Brown Jug”)

First Verse
Every Friday, just about three,
We head our camper for San Onofre;
It’s surfing that we’re going for,
But we never get out the camper door.

Ha ha ha, shout with glee,
San Onofre don’t we love thee;
Ha ha ha, shout with glee,
San Onofre don’t we love thee.

Second Verse
The gang’s all there, the surf is fine,
The sun is hot - we’re getting blind;
Before I take the surfboard out,
Guess I’ll have another stout.

Third Verse
The weekend’s shot, and so am I,
It’s back to L.A. we must fly;
But we’ll be back, you can bet,
To join the surfers who never get wet!



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