Cutting Back

A Glimpse into SURFER's Time-Capsule

JANUARY 1989. Vol. 30, No. 1

On the Cover:
Brock Little. Photo: Warren Bolster

Worst Article Title
Just Wham!…Life Commitment
The surfing experience: It grabs you hard, shakes you up, makes you smile.

"Things have changed. I relate my life in Montana to the original North Shore: it's uncorrupt, and as close to pristine as possible. That's what surfing was once like."—Fred Van Dyke

"I came, I saw, I got carved." —Terry Fitzgerald



Men: Women:
10. Brad Gerlach 5. Damien Hardmen 5. Pam Burridge
9. Derek Ho 4. Martin Potter 4. Jodie Cooper
8. Shaun Tomson 3. Gary Elkerton 3. Wendy Botha
7. Mark Occhilupo 2. Tom Carroll 2. Kim Mearigr
6. Barton Lynch 1. Tom Curren 1. Frieda Zamba




Excerpts from the Richie Collins' Profile

On technique: "I just hit it again and again as hard as I can, as many times as possible, until I fall or the wave ends, one or the other."

On hairstyle: "When I have a shaved head it feels like I can think better. When I've got hair it feels kind of like a helmet, keeping everything inside my head sort of trapped."

On Curren: "I think the guy's an unreal surfer, yeah. But when I catch myself doing one of those Curren head-snaps, I punch myself in the face. That's his thing, not mine."

On free time: "Guys are going, 'Hey, let's look at this, or let's go look at that.' And I'm going, 'Hey I'm not here to be a tourist. I could care less about what this place has to offer. I'm here to do a job. I'm here to surf a contest, then I'm going to get my ass out of here, over to the next contest.'"