Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Day 1

Pipeline Fires for the Opening Day of the Grassroots Contest

Formulated as an event to showcase the best Hawaiian surfers at one of the North Shore’s premiere lineups, Da Hui’s Backdoor Shootout started with guns blazing yesterday for the first day of the esteemed contest. Held in an Eddie-style format at 6-foot Pipe and Backdoor, the competitors seeded in the comp are judged on their top three waves over the course of four heats with the winner taking home $40,000.

“We just try and have a good time out here. It’s not this giant event, but our prize money is better than most events. We don’t want to cause any traffic jams or cause any inconveniences to the residence. We just want to have a good contest,” said Da Hui’s Eddie Rothman.

For the opening day, North Shore mainstay John Florence continued his blistering performance by squeaking through a handful of stellar Backdoor and Pipe tubes to jump into the lead. There’s still another day of competition and with an increase of swell on the way, things are poised to get heavy at Pipe. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to bring you more on Da Hui’s Backdoor Shootout.

Landen McNamara, living up to the family name. Photo: Noyle

Younger brother to '90s Pipeline legend Shawn Briley, Kalani Chapman has solidified himself as one of Pipeline's premiere surfers. He's also damn near fearless--an attribute that will make him all the more deadly at this event. Photo: Noyle

More grassroots than a World Tour event, Da Hui's Backdoor Shootout prides itself on the low-key setup. Photo: Noyle

Reef McIntosh, ducking for cover on a backside bomb. Photo: Noyle

Prior to the start of the event, surfers participated in a Hawaiian prayer at Pupukea beachpark. Photo: Noyle

As the day one standout, and current points leader of the event, John Florence is showing all the signs of a man on track take the win. Photo: Noyle

The faces of Pipeline. Photo: Noyle