Dear and Yonder Tour Approaches

Features Women Surfing Their Home Breaks (Dear) And Abroad (Yonder)

This summer female surf stars will once again reclaim the silver screen in theaters across the country. Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler's newest film, Dear and Yonder, will visit 20 U.S. cities and several more in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Presented by Roxy and Villa Villa Cola Productions, the movie aims to document the inner spirit of these driven women and the heart of their experience through imagery, music, and art.

"The stories are so unique, and it really touches women of all surf genres in so many different ways, from the incredibly progressive to the sailors to body surfers. There has never been something like this that embodies the spirit of surfing of all types, not just shortboarding," said Danielle Beck, Director of Sports Marketing Entertainment for Roxy.

Featuring females surfing both their home breaks (Dear) and spots around the globe (Yonder), the film chronicles the surfers of today and also pays homage to those of the past. Dear and Yonder highlights the abilities of Roxy team riders such as Sally Fitzgibbons, Sofia Mulanovich, and Kassia Meador, and also exhibits archival footage of iconic surfers such as Linda Benson, Rell Sunn, and Lisa Anderson.

As a change of pace to the current climate of surf cinematography, the film illustrates the gentler, artistic side of surfing. According to Campbell, the catalyst for the movie was Liz Clark's journey on her sailboat to surf spots around the world. "There was no documentation of her, and it just dawned on us one day that we could be doing it. So that was the real inspiration," she said.

Composed of athletes that are widely-revered and others who charge without recognition in quiet corners of the globe, the diverse cast is united by a dedication to pushing the limits of the sport and by an unquestionable connection to the sea. "We really wanted to expand what women's surfing movies were portraying, so we chose a smattering of women with a diversity of ages, styles, and backgrounds," said filmmaker Tiffany Campbell. "And it also has a diversity of emotion throughout the piece. It's humorous. It's thoughtful. It's provocative. It just goes through the whole gamut."

The tour's official Southern California premier will be July 2 at the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, where Roxy pro surfers will make an appearance. Other locations will also host the stars of the film and some spots will feature art shows as well.