Pablo Aguiar, Director.

Brazilians, we just can't seem to catch 'em on film. Nobody knows why. They're elusive, somehow able to fly under the radar until they blow up and start dominating World Tour events. They all surf, film, and travel like the rest of the professionals, but it seems we don't get to watch until the webcasts. Blame geography, or a language barrier, or like our website's commenters say, blatant racism, but we promise you Brazil, the demand is there. We just need some more supply.

Pablo Aguiar, a filmmaker from southern Brazil, has something to say about that status quo, and his recent release, Delirium: A Trip of Madness, is quite the statement. His full-length film features the likes of Medina, De Souza, Pupo, and Muniz alongside a cast of lesser-knowns like Yago Dora, Jean de Silva, and Thiago Camarão surfing all around the world. And as we've come to expect from Brazil, it's progressive and dripping with talent. Also, it's free. Obrigado, Pablo.

What’s your background as a filmmaker?
I started making videos when I was 16 or so, here in southern Brazil. I began taking turns filming with my friend Michelangelo Bernardoni, who was already a pro surfer and was producing his own videos. He was who inspired me the most to make a surf film.

How'd you come up with the idea for this project?
This project was a continuation of my first film that I released in 2007. The film was called Madness; there was this side story of an alien from Mars coming to Earth, but it was just nonsense. This time, I tried to send more of a message rather than just having high-performance surfing. My goal was to show off all the guys here in Brazil. There are so many people here who surf well, some well known by the media and some not.

It seems we never see as much footage of Brazilian surfers…why is that? Is that changing?
Here in Brazil, we usually see two or three Brazilian surf films per year, but it's hard to get these movies seen by a wider audience. The filmmaker usually partners with a Brazilian surf magazine and that is it, so I decided to step it up and put the full film on the Internet. I’ve done a few projects with Brazilians surfers, but had not yet been able to expand to outside of Brazil. At the moment, it's very rare to see a Brazilian surfer in an American or Australian film. I don’t really know why they don’t want to do projects with them; Brazil has good surfers, even more than the ones you see on Tour. I think people just don’t believe in the potential of Brazilian surfers outside the realm of competitive surfing.

Which surfers were best to work with?
I love to film with Alejo Muniz, Jesse Mendes, Ian Gouveia, Miguel Pupo, and Yago Dora. It doesn’t matter how the waves are, they can always get clips. But I also like to work with some lesser-known surfers we have here in Brazil, guys who are not on the Tour who are not recognized by the international media…guys like Alan Fendrich, Fernando Fanta, Cristian Muller, and Michelangelo Bernardoni.

Which section of the film is your favorite?
Our trip to New Zealand, which was not the best in terms of waves, but was good for cool shots and great scenery. In that section, the music and the images work really well together. I also liked the Fernando de Noronha section, and then Fiji, for the barrels that Marco Giorgi and Ricardo Santos got.

So what’s up next?
My next project will be a trip to the Mentawais in April with Yago Dora, Miguel Pupo, Alejo Muniz, Adriano De Souza, Samuel Pupo, Jean Da Silva, and Jesse Mendes. And yes, there will be a movie of the trip.