For those of us who might have struggled on to make the well-rockered, unconscionably narrow, high-performance blades of yore go in average surf (or any surf, for that matter), the short-wide-flat trend in high performance shortboards has been a boon. Really any board that portends to be made for anything other than less-than-ideal conditions can seem an extraneous purchase for the typical surfer. Which is why, if you want to attack the lip with any semblance of aggression, having a well-tuned, properly dialed groveler, like Rusty Surfboards’ wide, voluminous Chew Toy, is a must.

Derived from Rusty’s ever-popular, triple-winged Piranha, the Chew Toy cuts a more sleek figure, with an extra wide-outline and lots of foam carried out to the board’s modern, low-apex rail, and low, continuous rocker for plenty of go whether stroking into or up and riding upon marginal surf.

In our latest Design Forum, Clint Preisendorfer walks us through the variables—from outline, to bottom contours and construction—that make the Chew Toy a beast in a broad range of conditions.

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