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A unique balance training device . . .
it feels like surfing without the waves . . .
or wakeboarding in your living room!

"INDOing"- an exhilarating obsession that sharpens balance skills!

Riding the Indo Board, first and foremost, IS FUN!

The bonus is: INDOing will strengthen your legs and improve your surfing after just using it a few times.

Consider the amount of time you are up and riding on a wave. Unless you are lucky enough to live on a point that breaks 360 days a year, the average ride is about 5 to 10 seconds.

The INDO Board allows you to ride for minutes on end, utilizing the exact same muscles that are used when surfing.

Today many young and old surfers have taken up riding the INDO BOARD to have fun and keep their surfing skills tuned when not in the water. The list of surfers who use the INDO BOARD includes: The Slater brothers (Stephen, Sean and Kelly), Pancho Sullivan, Vince Alessi, Eric McHenry, Kasey Curtis, Mike Parsons, Miccah Pitts, Bonga Perkins, Joel Tudor, Layne Beachley, Ken Bradshaw, Serena Brooke, Cody Simpkins, Matt Rockhold, Christian Fletcher, Seb Wilson, Bart Wilson, Julian Wilson, Craig Harvey, Jimmy Gamboa, Darren Ledingham, Alex Knost, Dodger Kremel, Jeff Kramer, Tom Wegener, Donald Takayama, Herbie Fletcher, Corky Carroll, Laird Hamilton, Titus Kinemaka, Makua Rothman, Barton Lynch, Damien Hardman, Bobby Owens, Vince Klyne, Larry Bertlemann, Aaron Chang, Bob Hurley, Peter Townend, Danny Melhado, Charlie Kuhn, Matt Kechele, Mitch Kaufmann, Tory Strange, Charlie Hajek, Frieda Zamba, Cori Schumacher, Kim Hamrock, Liz Motshagan, Mary Bagalso, Kassia Meador, Holly Beck, . . . and many, many more!

Order your INDOBOARD online

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