Diamond Head Lookout Threatened

HiSurfAdvisory.com Raising Awareness

A proposed City and County of Honolulu construction project is threatening the parking at the Diamond Head lookout, a very popular surfing and windsurfing area.

I’m trying to raise public awareness on the matter so that the City consider reassessing the project, taking into consideration of both residents and beachgoers needs. We’ve rallied the local surfing community, along with the Diamond Head neighborhood board and some local political leaders.

Check out the informational page on my website at: http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/diamondhead/index.htm .

On the website there are interviews, letters, news stories, and even an online petition.

We’ve got support of Surfrider Foundation, Hawaii Chapter and Craig Sugihara of T&C Surf. And it looks like we have been successful in delaying the construction. However, there are still much negotiation that needs to be done. The more people we get behind us, the stronger our position will be.

Neal Miyake