Michael Diffenderfer RIP

Haleiwa, May 25th

The ashes of Mike Diffenderfer were returned to the ocean he loved so much on Saturday May 25th outside of Haleiwa. Family & close friends were in attendance.

Mike played a huge part in the development of the modern surfboard. Diff created beautiful rockers with well defined rails, and he harmoniously carved out exquisite plan shapes thatmany considered some of the finest surfboards ever made.

Many surfing legends turned out to bid Diff a grand farewell. Some of those included were Buffalo Keaulana, Jimmy Lucas, Jackie Baxter, Phil Irons, David Riddle, Max Lum, Randy Rarrick, Wolfman & Sons, Golfing buddie Brian Jet, Bill Sickler, Kimo Hollinger, Mike Latronic, Greg Alterman, the Bloomfield family & many many more as well as Squiddy Sanchez who provided an out of this worldfeed for all to enjoy.

In all a great man has passed away who will always be remembered by thosewho were lucky enough to have been touched by his friendship. Aloha & Ahui Ho Mike. May you Rest In Peace.

Mick O’Brien & Friends of Diffs