LET'S GET WEIRD: A Q&A With Donavon Frankenreiter On His Guest Editor Issue

What was it like being the guest editor of SURFER?

"It was definitely a dream come true. It was amazing. It's been my surfing bible for 20 odd years and I never thought id be able to be to direct an issue and have a huge part in what goes inside its pages."

What did you hope to accomplish in your Guest Editor Issue?

"To be as weird as possible."

What does it mean to get weird?

"There's a standard formula to put a magazine together, and I just wanted to push the limits. I think we did that with the cover, and we pulled it apart with the photo spread. You have to take it out and flip it around and it's different in a lot of ways. The way the whole thing came together is unique."

What were some highlights from the experience?

When it was all done, and the issue was completed we had a couple of bottles of champagne, and it was Chris Mauro's last day as the real Editor, and everyone had a great time. I'd say that was the highlight: the popping of the champagne.

Any lowlights, or things that were unexpectedly unpleasant about putting a magazine together?

Not really. It came out better than I thought it would. I had millions of ideas, and when you put it in the right people's hands it just works out. I had an idea for a cover – and it came out better than I could have imagined. I wanted to do a bunch of photos, kind of like a collage that made a picture on the cover and it ended up being modeled after an old Hendrix record. Things just came together in a wonderful way to make this thing special.

Any warnings to the readers about the upcoming issue?

Watch out for the surfing rats – they're incredible. I'm not sure if that's going to catch on, but it's pretty cool. Also check out the flip book too; it's reversible both ways which is awesome. And Kevin Naughton's story traveling up the west coast was great. I think there's something for everyone in there – from kids to adults – everyone will get something out of it.