MALIBU, CA – Apparently heaven is “full of kooks” according to the late surfing legend Mickey Dora. Friends of Dora hired a psychic to reach the flamboyant Malibu icon. The psychic channelled Dora for more than 20 minutes during a ‘session’ in the Malibu Canyon area.

“He says the surf up there is great. He’s been surfing a right point that’s longer, cleaner, and hollower than Malibu,” explained one of Dora’s friends, who requested we not use his name. “But apparently the lineup is just full of kooks. Mickey said that he gets burned on every wave. They have no respect for inside positioning up there.”

According to the friend, who was present when the psychic channeled Dora, “surfing seems to be really catching on in heaven. It’s become a tremendously popular activity in the last few years. From what Mickey said, all sorts of people are taking it up, not just people who were mortal surfers. He (Dora) got burned by Napoleon the other day. Mickey was really peeved. He said Napoleon rode a huge longboard, and had a wide butt-stance. He flapped in front of Mickey the whole way. Dora called him on it, and Napoleon just started raving in French. Dora has nicknamed him Nappy Fain. He said Genghis Khan is a total kook, too.”