Boost Mobile Pro Predictions for 2006
A WCT at Lowers equals high action surfing and all of these guys have moves. I made some pretty bold calls based on on the fact that any of these can can pull a shocker.

Rob Machado … Almost a local at Lowers ..Has won here before. will
have tough heats in the first few rounds, but could upset anyone. Hasn't
lost any of his peak form since leaving the WCT. A huge result here
would leave no doubt that Rob is officially back.

Mick Fanning … Has been unlucky not to win this event yet. As
determined as anyone to win and has the game to take anyone out at

Parko … Joel’s style suits the rights at Lowers perfectly. If he gets
on a roll he will cruise his way to the finals.

Kelly … Kelly will have a hard time losing on US soil. Can will
himself to win even if he doesn't catch the best waves. Hard to afford
him, but he is a bargain at twice the price.

Jake Patterson… Jake won't back down to anyone and rips in right
points. And he is dirt cheap.

Bobby Martinez … Bobby will have crazy support for this event from
the Cali crowd. He will be able to get huge scores going right or left.
if he builds some momentum, it will be very hard to stop him.

Wardo … Local boy; if Wardo is going to win a contest, this is it. He
can walk to his heats from his house, and that local knowledge could be
used to gain a huge advantage.

Adriano de Souza … Haven't seen him surf much, but the word is he is
lethal in small waves. if there isn't much swell, he could spoil some