Shane Dorian's Fantasy Surfer Picks

The following eight surfers comprise Shane Dorian’s fantasy surf team, compiled between insane sessions at Teahupoo and Pipe. You too can play Fantasy Surfer at

Crazy natural ability. One of the best at any size Bells. Needs to get a little pissed off. Too relaxed most of the time. If he gets on a roll, look out.

Coming off a win a couple days ago at Margaret River, should have new confidence coming into Bells. One of the hardest guys to beat when Bells gets some size.

A.I.'s style fits Bells from 1-foot to 10. It's a very unpredictable wave, which is perfect for Andy's approach. I am sure he wants to get back up there on the leader board after Kelly won the first event. Surfs well when under pressure.

Bobby Martinez:
Never seen him surf Bells, but I am sure his backside will serve him well. Solid in all sizes. Has much-needed confidence after a great first event.

Chris Ward:
I am either gonna be really right or really wrong. Wardo is very hot or very, very cold. If he's on, he will be hard to beat. He is cheap for good reason. Needs to get hungry again.

Taylor Knox:
Also very hot or very cold. If there is some real swell for the event, he will be on fire. Has very solid long bottom-turn/giant hack combos.

I am hoping for good Bells for Pancho. He will be great to watch murder people if it's 6-foot or bigger. Will have trouble if it's small. Bells is pathetically weak when it's small.

Jake Paterson:
Has the hunger Wardo needs. Very strong in weird rights. Super fit for the cold water/long paddles. Very clever competitor.