Shane Dorian's Fantasy Surfer Picks For the Nova Schin Festival WCT Brazil Presented by Billabong

Lay down your bets and pick your Fantasy Surf team now! Our WCT analyst Shane Dorian picks his favorites in Brazil.

“I basically tried to pick guys that are good in bad waves and who
will have what it takes to follow through after a long hard year with a
lot of events. Many times the wheels fall off around his time of year, but
all these guys are breathing fire, wanting to make this event count”

Why Kelly? He’s already won… but if he is going to fly all
the way to Brazil, he better make it worth something. He literally has
nothing to lose, so I am curious to see he how he deals with the
complete lack of pressure; pressure being the main thing he uses to
fire himself up… that is if he shows up.

Bobby Martinez
His confidence back up after winning in Spain, his quick
small wave attack will serve him well in the crappy waves.

Raoni Monteiro
The Brazilians will have a huge advantage in front of
the local crowd. Raoni is one of the best local guys, strong and fast,
with the opportunity to become a hero at home this week.

Toby Martin
Loves little shitty waves. Super amped, especially after
winning the santa cruz WQS this past weekend

Mick Fanning
His style suits Brazil well. He can make something out
of nothing, and Mick is one of the few top Aussies who can resist
Brazil’s many temptations while the comp is on.

Tim Reyes
Has been a strong performer this year, a standout in Brazil
type waves (must be similar to Huntington). He will keep his head on
straight during this last part of the year.

Could easily win this event. Lightning quick, and a local
favorite, shines in weak waves with no shape. Can get speed out of
nowhere and turn a bad wave into a huge score.

Shaun Cansdell
One of the very best small wave guys on tour. Can
outsurf the top 5 in marginal conditions.