FANTASY SURFER: Shane Dorian's Pipeline Masters Picks

The Pipeline Masters: This is the easiest contest for me to select an
awesome team. You never know what conditions you may be up against, but
there are a few guys that know the wave in all conditions. It was easy,
because these guys surf pipe the most out of any WCT guys. I hope it’s
big, round and solid. If so, my picks will absolutely
violate their opponents. –Shane Dorian

Kelly Slater– He has won the thing more than anyone, in all
conditions: rights, lefts, it doesn’t matter. If the wave tubes, he will
be in there, and if it’s somewhat makeable, he’s coming out.

Freddie P– Very comfortable at Pipe. Perfect lefts will suit him
well. If it’s all rights though, winning heats will be much harder. He
will be looking to finish his awesome rookie year on a high note at
home in Hawaii.

Jamie O’Brien– This event takes place literally in his backyard. One of the best Pipe surfers. Can beat many of the top 44 switchfoot at
Pipeline. Don’t be surprised if he tries it.

Andy and Bruce-I am clumping the bastards together for obvious
reasons. These are the very last guys anyone (including Kelly) wants in
their heat. Can and will get 10s on every wave when it’s good. No title
pressure for Andy, so I think we’ll see him surfing with more abandon
and aggression.

The Hobgoods-In my opinion they are the best goofyfoots at Pipe,
period. Confidence, natural ability, contest savvy, and they wont back
down when a 12 foot double up is headed their way.

I just realized I only picked seven guys. This may be a bad strategy, but I
can’t think of anyone to replace any of my team. Go boys, get nuts!