Dorian's Dog House: Shane Dorian Picks His Fantasy Team for the Boost Mobile Pro

For Trestles I tried to pick my favorite surfers to watch there. I picked all regularfoots, which is surprising because the lefts are as good as the
rights. I would have picked Rob Machado if he was on the list. Hopefully I pick a better team this week, my team for Japan got slaughtered!

Taj Burrow: Lightening quick. Should do well no matter what the size.

Mick Fanning: Surfs so good at Lowers. Will pack many huge turns per wave.

Andy Irons: Can get big scores going right or left. Coming off a big win!

Taylor Knox: More lowers experience than most everyone on tour, and his surfing there proves it. Taylor could win the thing.

Richie Lovett: Has won there before, solid carving surfer. Very chaep. Best value on the Fantasy Surfer board?

Kelly Slater: I wouldn’t bet against KS at Lowers. He will take it back to the “Black and White” days.

Chris Ward: Lowers local (is there such a thing?). Definitely the crowd fave. Look for big airs and big scores. The judges will slurp him.

Dane Reynolds: Bad record in WCTs, but that will change. Natural ability to burn. If he gains some momentum, watch out!

Editor’s note: Shane’s team, “from big island”, has accumulated 3563 total points, and a Year-To-Date average of 509. Keep in mind however that Shane missed the first two events of the year, as he was off surfing perfect waves and generally living the good life, while most of us floundered at our local breaks. The editor’s team “Over It Pros” is laggin’ way behind the leaders as well, with 5112 Total Points, and a Year-To-Date average of 730.285.

“Dorian’s Dog House” is currently the number one Fantasy Surfer club house. Here are the top 5 leaders of Dorian’s Dog House prior to the Boost Mobile Pro event:

  • 1)king ding-a-ling – Honolulu, HI – Total Pnts 5828 Y-T-D Avg. 832.57
  • 2)Team Tardo – Costa Mesa, CA – Total Pnts 5797 Y-T-D Avg. 828.14
  • 3)fantasytastic – Cornwall, UNK – Total Pnts 5789 – Y-T-D Avg. 827
  • 4)Team Cerveza – Houston, TX – Total Pnts 5729 Y-T-D Avg. 818.42
  • 5)lenards soldiers – Manhattan Beach, CA – Total Pnts 5725 – Y-T-D Avg.817

— Scott Bass