FANTASY SURFER NEWS: Shane Dorian Picks Brazil

Brazil. Wow. Definitely interesting to pick a Fantasy Surf team for
Brazil. I tried to pick guys who have done well there in the past, and
guys who have been on somewhat of a roll. You never know what you will
get for waves in Brazil. Last, but surely not least, I tried to pick guys
who won’t be up all night trading their quiver for the countries #1
illegal export and looking for their own brazilian supermodel. Good
luck! – s.d.

Taj Burrow – Proven small wave wiz. Past Brazilian champ. Knows this is the easiest event for him to win on the whole tour. (ed note: Out With Injury)

Mick Fanning – Will be flaring up after a 33rd in France. Will want to finish strong.

Andy Irons – He is officially pissed. Loves to be the spoiler. Will not back down no matter what, and now really believes he can beat Kelly anywhere.

Trent Munro – Having a strong year. Does well in hard to surf conditions.

Freddie Patacchia – He has been one of my Fantasy Surfer workhorses all year. I have faith in the Hawaiian.

Renan Rocha – Cheap as hell. Has made the semis there a couple years ago.

Kelly Slater – Tells me he has an epic bunch of boards. He is very confident. Knows how to win when the pressure is on like no one else. He knows it will be easier to win over Andy in Brazil than in Hawaii.

Victor Ribas – Dirt cheap, and got third in the last event. A couple
Brazilians do well in this event every year. I hope victor is one of
them this year.