Drew Kampion and Nat Young, ready for your keyboard confidence.
Drew Kampion and Nat Young, ready for your keyboard confidence.

Matt Warshaw Gets ‘Double Barreled’

EOS meets AMA. First up is Drew Kampion and Nat Young

Please agree or disagree with the following: The Encyclopedia Of Surfing and its kin, History of Surfing and Above The Roar, are digital treasures and are well worth $3 a month for the subscription.

That’s an example of a double-barreled question, for all you rhetoricians (In case you’re curious, the correct answer is Yes and Absolutely, where do I sign up? You can do that here).

Double Barreled is also the name for Matt Warshaw’s new EOS feature, and it’s starting today, Wednesday, October 25th, at 4:00 PM PST. Taking place in the comments section of its own EOS blog page, Double Barreled brings together two surf-world legends as they sit in front of their computers and field questions from EOS subscribers. And who are the first two guests? None other than Australian Nat Young and former SURFER editor Drew Kampion. You can bet we’ll be there.

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We asked Warshaw to give us more details on the project.

Double Barreled! Give us an origin story!

Everybody takes my phone calls these day. That's what I get instead of money. So a few months ago, I was thinking of what I could do that would stoke out Encyclopedia of Surfing subscribers, something happening right now instead of in the past. And I thought, What if I get someone really famous on an EOS comments thread for a couple of hours, and invite all my subscribers in for a chat? And then I thought—here's the genius part—What if I get TWO famous people on that thread at the same time? I can do that! People take my calls!

First up is Nat Young and Drew Kampion. How come?

Just basic matchmaking. Nat and Drew were on the beach together in Puerto Rico for the 1968 World Championships, they were roomies later that year on the North Shore, they stayed in touch, got high often, drank a lot of wine, had a lot of dinners, talked a lot of heavy shit.

First time they met, Nat wanted to punch Drew in the face. How come?

Nat hated SURFER, and Drew was the new SURFER hire. Simple as that.

How can we get involved?

Subscribe to Encyclopedia of Surfing. Cancel tomorrow, and you won't pay a thing. Or don't cancel, it's just three bucks a month, and I'll be lining up a bunch more of these things. Hoping to get Jack McCoy and Occy soon, Shaun and Phil Jarratt, on and on.

How frequently will you run Double Barreled on EOS?


Anything else we should know?

Drew Kampion swears that Nat Young carved his full name into a wave at Haleiwa one morning in 1969. Robert "Gnat" Young, with quote marks and everything. Hasn't happened before or since.

[Ed. Note: The Double Barreled blog page will be posted around 3:30 PM PST. To post a question in the comments thread, you'll need to have a Disqus account, which only takes a minute or two to set up.]