A documentary about San Diego big wave surfer Derek Dunfee and his friends.

On June 9th 2008, Derek Dunfee severely broke two bones in his leg while surfing Cloudbreak, a surf spot off Tavarua island in Fiji. Two days later Derek underwent surgery in San Diego California: eight screws and a titanium plate were installed into his leg.

On November 30th 2008, 5 ½ months after Derek broke his leg, Derek caught the winning 2008/2009 Billabong XXL paddle in wave at Mavericks.This short film shows what happened in those 5 1/2 months leading up to Derek's XXL winning wave. This film includes recent footage of Derek since his XXL win, and footage from this El Nino winter season.
This film also showcases a big group of Derek's friends who are currently pushing the limits of paddling into big waves.